Monday, September 22, 2014

Are there Occult's in American?

According to Mitch Horowitz’s book OCCULT AMERICA, the answer is yes. I found his book fascinating and very informative. I can actually say of some of his revelations, “I didn’t know that…”

The beliefs in the Bible (Faith religion,) Ouija (A concept in receiving an answer using a board,) Spiritualism (Belief in spirits,) Theosophia (Divine wisdom,) to the Holy Koran another faith based religion are a number of philosophies Horowitz enlightens us on.

The origin, people, and the development of those beliefs and many others, or as he calls them Occults, are covered in a historical manner. Those groups are not all American based, but flourished here, because of our freedom of speech and religion democratic thinking. Where as in the country of origin, many would have been killed for thinking what they professed in America.

It would be foolish for me to go over every group he outlines in this chuck full of information book. I’ll just mention here what a member of Science of Right Thinking Occult, Ella Wheeler Wilcox is famous for saying, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone.”

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Ameirican Hustle

American Hustle

Christian Bale, former Batman and American Psycho star, gave a realistic portrayal of a con artist in a thrilling story about the refunding of Atlantic City’s Casinos in New Jersey, USA. Politics and the mob come together reminiscing of a FBI 1970s sting called ABSCAM.  (See Link)

His side-kick barely clothed Amy Adams plays an alluring woman, who sugar coats situations, bringing in a mark. They are forced to team up with Bradley Cooper’s character, an FBI agent to sting politicians and the mobsters after being compromised.

Personal relationships explode to the point you think all the characters are going crazy over the stressful situations their put in. Bale and Adam’s characters overcome their predicament in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence, as Bales crazed love wife, and Jeremy Renner, as the popular people’s mayor of Camden New Jersey, are the supporting cast. Also, Robert De Niro does a cameo as a Mafia Don.

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ABC Islands

ABC Islands visited

In my travels to many parts of the world, I had the pleasure of living and working in Curacao, Netherland Antilles for a few years, giving me the opportunity to enjoy all the ABC Islands. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are located just north west of Caracas, Venezuela.

Each island has its individual attractions; however, all have pleasant hot weather and long white sand beaches to play and rest on. Aruba is known for its night life and casinos; Bonaire for its diving; and Curacao for its shopping.

To enjoy the pleasure of all of the islands, I recommend taking a Windjammer tour and cruise around visiting each over a one week.

If visiting one island is your desire, fly direct to the island of your choice.  

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

I’m going to talk to you about True Love and what we do when we think we have it, using the 1952 movie The Quiet Man as my backdrop. Most of you have no knowledge of this movie, because you most likely were not alive when it was made. I was four years old.

If you love romance movies, you will love this John Ford directed Irish classic staring John Wayne (Husband,) Maureen O’Hare (Wife,) Barry Fitzgerald (Town Crier,) and Ward Bond (Wife’s brother.) I know these names are all foreign to you?

A love affair turns into a marriage; and of course, there always is a glitch that gets into the relationship that brings about a conflict. It’s a simple movie. The problem here melts down into one thing a dowry due the husband.

In a small Irish town with customs going back centuries, the dowry must be paid to the husband. In this case, the husband doesn’t want it. The wife wants it, not for the money, but for principle.

The comic events that lead to if or when the dowry is paid makes a fine Romance Comedy. I assure you will laugh and cry. A fist fight between the husband and the wife’s brother over the dowry is a town funny event.

Irish culture is embedded into this fine film:

Sweet Molly

Sweet Molly Ringwald , the Jazz Singer

We all know Sweet Molly as the lovable girl in the movies Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. She was what part of what they called the Brat Pack, which was a group of young actors that were in films together in the 80’s.

They included Emilio Estevez, AlleySheedy, Anthony Micheal Hall, and Judd Nelson, who starred with Molly in the movie Breakfast Club, another staple of the TV screen over the last few years.

What you may not know is that she is a Jazz Singer. Released April 9, 2013 was her album Except Something: I have and it is enjoyable with Sweet Molly’s voice.

She also has a part in the upcoming Jem: The Movie. Check molly out at: for more info.

Review of How Not to Murder Your Grumpy

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy

Written by Carol E. Wyer

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

According Carol, I’m doing one of the activities her retired grumpy husband should be doing - I’m writing a review of her book. That book is an A to Z catalog of activities.

An activity should keep your elderly husband busy so he won’t be sitting around the house watching you doing household work or drinking your fourth cupa while reading the Mirror or Female First magazines. For non-Englishmen, cupa is a cup of tea.

I don’t have a wife, at the ripe old age of sixty-six, so I don’t think I fall under her definition as a grumpy. If you have read one of my blogs or books, you know that I’m a very active man. This is what she wants her grumpy to be – active and preferably out of the house early.

Ms. Wyer jokingly defines all the activities a person could do under the sun. Her definitions are clearly documented with who is the expert in many of those endeavors. Example: Ex-American National Football League player Roosevelt 'Rosey’ Grier renowned for his (N) needle point acumen. Would your man do this?

I believe that if a man is not active in his early years of marriage, Carol’s grump old man will have a difficulty in changing his ways. In her situations, I am assuming that grumpy man’s wife is a strong woman who can direct her hubby in the right direction to change his ways. If not, he won’t.

The book reads smoothly. It’s a fun almanac of activities with facts and dates to back up her reason for sending grumpy in the direction of each particular endeavor – well done.

Review of The Highlander

The Highlander, The Rise of the Aztecs 

Series Book 1

Author Zoe Saadia

Reviewed by R. Murry

The Highlander is a well thought out historical novel that portrays real people doing what their nation-tribes have done for years.  The main characters are young leaders breaking out into their own predetermined   adventures.

The elders are determined to control their situations in the world.  The young people (Coyotl, Kuini, and Izrac) rebel that world in their own way to change it for others and themselves.

Ms. Saadia brings this out in detailed conversations and confrontations that propels this intriguing developed story forward, keeping the reader’s attention.  The reader will not be bored with historical data. 

The young people are the future and the only names that are important: Coyotle, the emperor’s first born son, wants to change the way things are done – social reform.  Kuini, the great warlord’s son, wants to change breakdown bearers between peoples.  Iztac, the princess, wants to liberate herself and others from their bondage to the way men think.
Zoe Saadia makes their points clear, using well developed conversations.  Although these young people are not Aztecs, they see common ground in others, where the elders don’t.  Especially Kuini, The Highlander, in his confrontations and communal exchanges with the only Aztec – The Aztec Warlord.  To a point, the Aztec influences Kuini’s decisions. Against the Aztec and his father’s wishes, Kuini becomes a warrior in Coyotl’s father’s army – their enemy.
In this end is a new beginning for Coyotl and Kuini, which may include princess Iztac. Fate will determine that end.

Saadia’s novel is an excellent lead in to the next chapter of the lives of these three young leaders.  I for one will continue to read the series, because of the enjoyable read of book #1.  Will you?   

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