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Reviewed by Author Roy Murry  

I have gone through middle age and can assure you that it will be a difficult time of your life. If you are like most people, you will be at the peak of your profession and sexuality active. What you do with it will define your future. 

In the brilliant novel Lolita, written by Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian transplant to the USA in 1941, this is an underlining theme. This novel was not published in the USA but France, because many found it obscene but intellectually stimulating for its narrative voice and technique.

Vladimir became a US citizen, wrote in and taught Russian language and literature before producing Lolita in 1955. His first writings were in Russian and he continued writing in English. See bio note below.

As a part of my course, I could pick a book that was not on my American Literature reading list in college. From the intro, you know I picked Lolita to review for grade. My professor agreed because she knew Vladimir and after all he did write the book in America.

The movie came out in 1962, staring James Mason, Shelly Winters and introducing Sue Lyon. Another version was made recently. I saw the first version while reading the book.

The acting was superb. Mason’s Humbert, the main character, resonates need for the nymphet Lolita. He marries her mother to get to her. Ms. Winter’s character dies, leaving Humbert with Lolita, his step-daughter/lover.

His lust turns into love and they consummate their relationship. Things turn when Lolita gets bored with Humbert. I’ll leave you there. I know I’m a tease.

I recommend you watch the movie and read the book for an entertaining long weekend or for a vocational interlude with mind stimulation.


Kiss the Girls, Book vs Movie

Kiss the Girls, Book vs Movie

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

James Paterson’s novel Kiss the Girls and the movie with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are both compelling portraits of suspense. The second in Paterson’s Alex Cross novel was published in 1975 and came alive as a DVD movie in 2013. I watched, again, on TV.

Judd’s character Kate is abducted in the second scene and because of her fortitude and abilities she fights her jailer, who calls himself Casanova, and in a dramatic fashion gets away from his clutches. Alex Cross, whose niece is in Casanova’s prison, meets Kate in her hospital bed.

Cross, a police detective and psychologist, is in town looking for his niece who was also abducted. All those abducted are accomplished women. Alex and Kate join together to bring the girls home. How they attempt to do this is an amazing thrilling episode of a movie.

The movie, however, cannot compare with the Patterson’s novel. The movie was well directed, the scenes well-coordinated by director Gary Felder, and the acting was overwhelming. I love the written word. What can I say? I am a writer and prejudice.

Make your own decision:  Book: 

It Could Happen To You (Film)

It Could Happen To You (Film)

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you’re a romantic, this movie is for you. I saw it for the third time today on what we call Netflix in the USA. I give in; I’m a romantic.

A young Nicolas Cage plays a NYC police officer named Charlie. Bridget Fonda, of that famous family, plays Yvonne a waitress.

Charlie and his police partner are in a hurry, after ordering coffee in a small diner in Queens, where Yvonne is his waitress. He can pay the two dollars owed for the drinks, but doesn’t have tip money.

He makes a deal with her. He will come back tomorrow double the tip or give her half of his lottery winnings. She smiles and says that it was okay, because I most likely will not see you again.

The obvious happens, maybe for me I saw the movie three times, and Charlie and his wife win the lotto for four million dollars. This is where the movie really begins.

Greed and generosity collides; love and hatred seep in; and legalities bring about human conflicts. Will the righteous overcome? Not all the time.

Charlie and Yvonne are pushed into love and the legal limits by Charlie’s greedy wife Muriel, who wins her case in court, getting the four million lotto money for herself. But greed pays its price.

You’ll have to get the movie to learn what happens. Make certain you have Kleenex available.

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Our conversations at bars always come around to some strange things. How it came to us talking about Gypsies, I don’t know. Do we know what a Gypsies are? A strange wandering thief is one person’s description.

According to, there are over two million in Europe, one million in the United States, and eight hundred thousand in Brazil.  They originated for Romani peoples from India and migrated to Europe. How they migrated is a mystery.

The story goes that King Braham (421 - 39) of India sent the originals out of the country because they abused his generosity.  No population numbers were given, but it would seem that they were in the thousand.

In the United States, they can be found in Virginia and Louisiana where they migrated to in the 1900s. Their tribe structure is based on the Hindu purity laws - A whole other post to be written. 

Like the Jewish population of Europe before and during World War II, Gypsies were target by German death squads. Approximately 600,000 were killed by these squads.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fruits of Faith

Fruits of Faith

Health, wealth, and wisdom are weighed
in our universe of human discourse.

God’s health, wealth, and wisdom
cascades us when we Believe.

Our health, wealth, and wisdom
transcends normalcy in that Faith.

Our convictions ascends us to His
health, wealth, and wisdom.

For He, does not refuse His faithful
health, wealth nor wisdom.

Therefore, have Faith in His
Health, Wealth, and Wisdom.

Roy Murry

Hemingway: Legend or Reality?

Hemingway: Legend or Reality?

Written by Author Roy Murry

Ernest Hemingway was a classic macho man that many thought of his writing as self-conscious masculine and simplistically deceptive. He wrote about his manly adventures.

In World War I, he was an ambulance driver. In A Farewell to Arms (1929), he wrote about an ambulance driver in love with a nurse. Some of his other novels and stories followed a similar theme.

However, after reading his Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning novel The Old Man and the Sea (1952), his critics dismissed Hemingway’s macho posturing. I don’t dismiss it.

All through his life he wrote stories that only a strong man could write. He was a man’s man who loved the outdoor adventures he motivated towards and wrote about them: war, bullfighting, hunting, and big game fishing.

But when it came to depression, he took the not-so-macho way out. He blew his head off with a shot gun. It’s obvious he didn’t read Norman Vincent Peal’s book The Power of Positive Thinking (1952.) If he had, we might of been blessed with another Nobel Prize winning novel.

I read two of his novels for my college American Literature course: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940) and his The Old Man and the Sea. I liked the latter and will write a review: Movie vs Book in a later post.

From Paris with Love (Film)

From Paris with Love (Film)

Reivew by Author Roy Murry

John Travolta has made over fifty movies of which I’m a fan. Since his stardom in Grease with one of my loves Olivia Newton John, I have seen a number of his movies, watching him mature as an actor.

In this film, he plays Wax, a highly qualified secret agent that is sent to France to investigate and neutralize a terrorist threat. The US Ambassador’s aid, Reese, played by Johnathan Meyers, has been trying to become an operative agent. He is directed by the agency to be Wax’s partner while he is in France.

Reese is having a love affair before Wax arrives and he doesn’t realize how deep of an affair it is. Kasia Smutniak, Caroline, is his fiancĂ©e and more. She is a sleeper agent for the other side.

Wax and Reese bond in an unusual way by following a murderous trail to the people who seem to be the center of terrorist plot. It’s an action packed route, where Wax shows Reese the techniques to survive as an agent, many of which are of the philosophy – KILL OR BE KILLED, no matter who the person is.

Reese has a good teacher and in the end it is not Wax who saves the day. It’s Reese who has to make the right decision which everyone would loath to make. This ending is a nail bitter.

This fast pace movie goes from one killing field to another. However, it was well choreographed so that the action not the blood was the scene.

The actors did an excellent job. I recommend it.